Serpent’s Brew • Coffee Co.
Branding and Package Design

Serpent’s Brew is a cold brew company and coffee shop located in San Antonio, TX. Serpent’s Brew takes pride in bringing strikingly bold, authentic Italian cold brew coffee (caffe freddo) to Texas. The brand and company values rich flavors, convenience, and representing a European feel and luxury. Serpent's Brew draws inspiration from Italian art deco and Italian futurism throughout the company’s logos and various brand collateral including cold brew packaging and brand touch-points.
Using Italian Art Deco and futurismo as inspiration, a snake is combined with a coffee mug to create a company emblem. From this logo a pattern is created for the brand utilizing the snake’s body to create an Art Deco influenced line work pattern. For packaging non-traditional glass bottles are chosen to reflect quality and a European approach. The company’s pattern, colors, and art deco inspiration are carried across the brand to reflect Serpent’s Brew’s Italian roots with a modern approach.
Gold Judges Choice Award—San Antonio Addy Award (2022) 
Silver Logo Design—San Antonio Addy Award (2022) 
Silver Packaging Design—San Antonio Addy Award (2022)  
Silver Branding System—San Antonio Addy Award (2022) 
Silver Packaging Design—Graphis New Talent (2022)  
Silver Branding System—Graphis New Talent (2022) 
Silver Logo Design—Graphis New Talent (2021) 


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