Blue Crab Festival
Branding and Illustration

The Blue Crab Festival is the heart and soul of Palatka, Florida bringing in thousands of people every year to fight over who gets the final crab leg. The Blue Crab Festival is here to celebrate the town of Palatka’s largest industry, crab fishing. With games, drinks, and plenty of food to go around this annual crab boil is a fun summer event for families and everyone to enjoy. 
To fully capture the vibrant, fun, family-oriented event, Blue Crab Festival’s branding takes on an illustrative approach focusing on the journey from catching a crab to the main feast. Illustrations are created using shapes from the primary logo combined with simple vector forms to depict fishing scenes, food items, and crab boil utensils. Bely display is used as a display font for the primary logo as well as branding touch points, paired with the clean, modern sans serif, Muli.
Silver Logo Design—Graphis New Talent (2021)

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