Flowerchild Oats
Branding and Package Design

Flowerchild is a health oriented instant oatmeal brand that values eco-friendliness as well as convenience. Through new research scientists have created a material similar to plastic that is non-flavored and water-soluble. This material allows Flowerchild to transform instant oats into flavored oat-pods that come to life when placed in water. Flowerchild Oats is for people that understand the negative impact of excess packaging, but also value convenience in their daily activities. 
Flowerchild Oats takes a look back into hippie culture to represent the brand’s values of sustainability and harnessing the inner flower-child in each of us. The brand's mascot is a flower placed in a pot influenced by retro cartoon designs with the use of halftones and black and white illustration combined with the companies colors. The brand is bold, vibrant and takes a modern spin on aspects from the 70’s and the flower-child era. A geometric pattern was created and used across brand touch-points and packaging. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Silver Packaging Design—San Antonio Addy Award (2022) 
Hon. Mention—Graphis New Talent (2022)


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