Makai Moa • Surf Co.
Brand Identity and Illustration

Aloha! Makai Moa is a local surf shop and custom board store located right on the North Shore in Hawaii. This popular tourist and pro surf destination captivates a true Hawaiian feel and experience for visitors. Offering merchandise and a custom board experience, Makai Moa appeals to tourists as well as locals (kamaaina.) Makai Moa draws inspiration from Hawaiian surf culture and elements from the island; allowing visitors to bring a piece of the North Shore home with them.
Using elements of Hawaii and surf culture as inspiration, a rooster (Moa) is combined with a surfboard to create the primary emblem. Roosters and chickens are a popular sight around Hawaiian beach towns and are a surprising sight for tourists. The brand is expanded through the use of pattern that illustrates key elements of the oceanside part of the island (makai) including surf, sea, adventure, relaxation and a crowd/personal favorite Pau Hana (happy hour.) Makai Moa's design glances into the past with a modern retro approach and color palette.

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